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About 6 years ago I heard about a resort in the Caribbean that guaranteed a free stay if you saw a mosquito. They also claimed that they used no commercial insecticides. I actually called the resort and asked how they did it. They said they used a misting system and a flower extract called Pyrethrum. I had just built my barn for horses and I wanted to use the same system.

I purchased a misting system and one of the products to be mixed in water and sprayed through the misting jets. The sytem would mist for 30 seconds in the morning and then again in the afternoon. It was nothing short of a miracle. I have 18 horses in the barn and they are a serious magnet for mosquitoes. For years now there has not been a mosquito within 300 meters of the barn. Even at those times of year when they explode in numbers there are none in my barn.  Against the mosquitoes it is a perfect solution. My workers on the farm even stated sleeping in the barn since their homes not mosquito free. I really can’t say enough about the success of using the misting system.

Bruce Mckillican

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“Recently we had several friends over for an evening in our new home in Tamarindo.  The lights outside on the deck were attracting so many insects that we had to turn out the lights and talk in the dark (not that there’s anything wrong with that !).
We decided then that we had to find a way to eradicate some of the bug population without upsetting the delicate environmental balance in which we are essentially intruders.
One of our guests, probably nursing some bites of his own called me, recommending Victor Mount of Insect MistAway Systems.  Victor was professional bug assertive enough to cover all the information.  As effective as Victor’s pitch was, we never felt like we were being sold anything – more like listening to a new friend tell us with quiet passion about this amazing product.
We immediately jumped in when Victor offered to “take out the system and charge you nothing” if weren’t satisfied within the first 30 days.  Well, Victor had to come back – but not to take the system out. No, he came back to be sure everything was working as promised, and for a nominal fee even expanded the coverage to an additional area we requested.
The bottom line is, MistAway works.  To say that the system is 100% perfect would be an exaggeration.  But to say we can now sit comfortably on our deck, with lights on, in bug-free comfort, feeling environmentally sensitive using this organic compound while leaving plenty of food for the bats and geckos.
Thank you, Victor and thank you MistAway.”
Ralph Joseph
Retired Home Owner